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Amber Rose Lands Recurring Role On ABC Sitcom!



From model to movie star, Amber Rose is at the top of her game.

Rose, whose comedy School Dance hits theaters tomorrow, has confirmed to E! News’ Marc Malkin that she also has a huge role lined up for this fall’s upcoming television line-up.

According to Wiz Khalifa’s wife, her role as Fit Brit on ABC’s upcoming pilot, Selfie, will be recurring. “I’m so excited,” she said. “I start shooting in August.”

Selife, a show loosely based on My Fair Lady, is about a woman who is not only obsessed with social media, but winds up becoming an Internet star after a video of her breakup goes viral.

We must say, a role on a show called Selfie is perfectly fitting for Amber, who is famous for snapping some of the best selfies of all time. Whether it’s a sexy boob shot, or an usie with a fellow A lister, we can always count on the 30-year-old for a little entertainment.

Over the weekend, Rose made headlines after posting an image of herself sucking face with Courtney Love. In the photo, the ladies, both sporting a pair of sunglasses, can be seen locking lips while at a party.

“Soooooo me and @courtneylove made out tonight. Epic,” Rose captioned the image.

amber courtney kiss

“I was like, ‘Courtney, can you please kiss me for a picture?’ She was like, ‘F–k yeah! Let’s do it!’ Her lips are really sweet and juicy,” Rose told Malkin.

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