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2 Chainz Recreates Micheal Jackson’s “Thriller” In New Music Video



2 Chainz is throwing on the red jacket and the zombie makeup and dedicating his new music video to the “King of Pop.”

The Atlanta rapper released his newest video today for his song “Freebase,” which recreates Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller” music video. “Freebase” is the title track off his latest EP which features a star studded list of features including A$AP Rocky, Ty Dolla $ign, and Rick Ross. 

“Hands down best video I’ve Ever shot!!!” 2 Chainz tweeted.

And while the video features a scenes directly inspired by “Thriller,” 2 Chainz, probably expecting the backlash from hardcore MJ fans, decided to leave a message at the start of the video that says he means no disrespect:

“This video is for entertainment purposes only and dedicated to one of my favorite artists. In no kind of way is it our intent to disrespect the legacy of the greatest entertainer off all time.”

The video may seem all fun in games, but the lyrics show a side of the rapper that we are not used to. At the end of the song he raps about not being proud about selling drugs to his own family members in the past as well as seeing his first crack pipe in his parent’s kitchen.

Watch the video below:

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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