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WTF: Erykah Badu Tries To Kiss Reporter During Live Broadcast! Watch Now!



There’s nothing better than watching awkward television, and thanks to Erykah Badu, we got our weekend dose of: “Omg, we can’t believe that just happened!”

During a live broadcast on Saturday, New York reporter Mario Diaz was shooting a story for PIX 11 when a happy Badu approached the reporter from behind, and tried smack her lips right onto his cheek. Diaz reacted like any other reporter would and jumped before shooing her away.

It’s clear Diaz had no idea it was the 43-year-old singer, later telling the anchor back in studio: “LaBeouf, obviously kept on moving during the course of this scenario, avoiding all cameras, unlike myself, who couldn’t avoid a fan just now who tried to kiss me.”

Badu later took to Twitter to apologize to the reporter, writing:

@MarioPIX11 sorry Mario. :-)))))”

Mario responded to Badu with a classic Prince lyric:

“I get it because… ‘Ain’t no particular sign I’m more compatible with I just want your extra time and your …. kiss.'”



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