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Watch Richard Sherman Punch Phil Bates In The Face



Super Bowl champion, Richard Sherman is so serious about winning that nobody can stand in his way, not even his own teammates.

On Wednesday during a minicamp, the 26-year-old cornerback got physical with fellow Seahawks teammate Phil Bates which led to an all out brawl. The altercation happened as the two came into contact during one of their plays and would not let go of each other. The situation quickly escalated and soon enough, helmets were off and the two were punching each other in the the face.

Teammates quickly jumped in to stop the fight which led to a small scuffle between the offense and the defense but the fight quickly cooled down.

“I think that’s what makes us great, there’s not a whole lot of teams that’s going to go that hard every single practice,” linebacker Bobby Wagner said about the fight. “We go that hard every single time we step out on this field and that’s exactly why we did what we did.”

Obviously, there was no bad blood between the two because by the end of practice they were seen laughing and talking to each other.

Take a look at a video of the fight below:

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