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The Game: I Beat Up 40 Glocc Out of Self Defense



It was an epic brawl that was caught on camera and posted on YouTube … The Game vs 40 Glocc.

You might remember, in July 2008, The Game took down 40 and then posted it on the video-sharing website for the world to see. Lawrence White, 40’s legal name, filed a lawsuit following the beat down … Claiming that Game pulled a firearm on him.

But in new documents filed by Jayceon Taylor, obtained by TMZ, he was acting in self defense after it was 40 who pulled a gun.

The rapper claims that Glocc filed the lawsuit because it’s part of his “gangster agenda to profit from threats, intimidation and taunts.” Game also points out in the new docs that not only is he Grammy nominated rapper, but that he has a TV show and “40 does not.” And if that wasn’t enough, the Marrying The Game star also indicated that he has 1.1 million Twitter followers and Glocc only has 53,000 … As if that all matters.


‘Justice League’ Star Ray Fisher: Playing Cyborg Is Art Imitating Life!



Ray Fisher has put in quite the grind in Hollywood … but now it’s paying off!

The Justice League star takes on the role of Cyborg, the half-man, half-robot superhero, and crushes it. But playing the epic role was more than a dream come true, it was art imitating life. In our interview with the soon-to-be A-lister, Fisher describes how his upbringing mirrors Cyborg’s in certain ways.

Check it out below! Oh, and check out Justice League in theaters now.

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