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T.I.’s Epic Instagram Rant: “Watch Ya Mouth & Mind Ya Bizness”



T.I. has a message for the haters. The Atlanta rapper took to Instagram earlier this week to emphatically remind the world to stay out of his business.

“Regardless of whateva….. I allow disrespect of me & mines #NEVER !!!!! Watch ya mouth & mind ya Bizness…. Best treat it like a football game…. Observe safely from da sidelines & stay off da field,unless u wanna get HIT!!!! #nuffsaid#hustlegangoverrrrthang,” he wrote.

The rapper also included a photo message which read:

“Expect the best, be prepared for the worst, f*ck what others think & do your own thing.”

Last month, T.I. made headlines after getting into a brawl with welterweight champion, Floyd Mayweather. The entire altercation was over a comment Mayweather made about Tip’s wife, Tameka Harris, who attended Mayweather’s party that Memorial Day Weekend.

During the exchange at a Vegas Fatburger, Floyd can be heard saying “control your [email protected]$h” and apparently, that’s when T.I. took the first swing.

The T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle stars have been the center of divorce rumors for months and unfortunately, last week’s brawl simply added fuel to reports. Neither parties have confirmed reports of separation.


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