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Robert Kardashian: Hooked On Sizzurp And Weed?



For several months, Robert Kardashian has shielded himself from the spotlight, mainly due to his ongoing weight problems. But according to recent news reports, the Kardashian brother is facing a set of even darker issues.

TMZ reports that the Kardashians are concerned for Rob’s health. A source tells the news outlet that the 27-year-old has a very bad drug problem and that the family is doing all they can to get him help, including offering rehab. Unfortunately, Rob refuses to go.

In two photos obtained my TMZ, the reality star can be seen at a party, sitting by a double cup, one which reads¬† “Codeine Boys.” The cups are reportedly the “container of choice” for sizzurp, aka purple drank. In one of the snapshots, the star can also be seen smoking marijuana.

Rob’s recent personal woes were the reason why he skipped out on his sister, Kim’s Italian wedding. According to reports, the reality star did not want people to see him in the physical and mental state he was in.

There were recent reports suggesting that Kim’s younger brother would be joining the next season of Biggest Loser … But Rob took to social media to set the record straight.

“To the blogs saying I’m going to do some TV show , that is completely false. Only show I am doing is my Family’s show. Another lame story,” he wrote.

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