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Rick Ross Cancels Performance After Being Threatened By “100 Individuals”



Rapper Rick Ross was forced to cancel a performance in Detroit on Saturday night after his life was threatened while pulling into the venue.

Jeremiah J. Hicks, Hot 107.5 FM’s program director, confirmed the news to the anxious crowd gathered at Chene Park for Summer Jamz 17. “I’m going to be real with y’all; I’m going to be real as sh*t. We had Rick Ross right outside here tonight at about eleven o’clock. As he was pulling in to come into Chene Park, he was met by 100 individuals outside. By 100 individuals outside!”

“We will try to pull every resource together and ask him to come back (to the stage for the show Saturday night). He is in fear of his life. I’m just being real; real talk. This is some real sh*t. He was in fear of his life and he is not performing here tonight … he may never come back to Detroit, and that’s no bullish*t.”

Ross has been added to a “no fly-zone” list, which a local gang is enforcing. Being on the list means you cannot enter Detriot and perform without having it cleared by the gang and possibly providing some sort of financial kickback.

You can view Hicks’ announcement at the three minute mark of the video below, and continue watching after that to learn more about the “no fly-zone.”

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