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Kelly Rowland, Tim Witherspoon: Matching Ring Finger Tattoos!



Here’s something you might not know about singer, Kelly Rowland … She has matching ring finger tattoos with her husband, Tim Witherspoon.

The newlywed, who is featured in the July issue of In Style magazine, shared with the publication the intimate details behind her stunning, diamond engagement ring. “He designed it. It’s beautiful, but I don’t always wear it. What’s more meaningful to me are our tattoos [a small, simple line design]. We have matching ones on our ring fingers. They symbolize our love for each other,” she said.

Earlier this month, news broke that Kelly and Tim are expecting their first child together. The star announced her pregnancy in a special Instagram message where she posted a pair of baby Jordans situated next to a pair of adult sized Jordans.

The 33-year-old, who tied the knot to Witherspoon during an intimate May ceremony in Costa Rica, also opened up about her overall style, telling the fashion mag: “I dress according to my moods. I change my look all the time and will go from diamonds to costume jewels. I don’t think there should be restrictions about how to dress.”

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