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Azealia Banks Disses TI, Tiny On Twitter



Shots fired! Azealia Banks threw some not so subtle shade towards rapper TI and his wife Tiny following the release of his latest single, “No Mediocre.”

On the song, the Atlanta rapper brags about bagging “bad chicks,” which prompted Azaelia to post this tweet:

“You want no mediocre, but … have you seen your wife?”

Tiny didn’t waste time responding to the diss, posting an image of Rihanna on Instagram with the words, “D*mn b*tch, can you ever just worry about yourself?” written on it.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 7.21.01 AM

Azaelia has since deleted her tweet, but why she decided to fire shots at Tiny in the first place is a mystery.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 7.19.37 AM

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“I Cried A Lot”: Snoop Dogg’s Gospel Album Helped Him Through “Sad” Times



Thugs gotta cry too.

In a moment of vulnerability, Snoop Dogg opened up to HH about how sometimes he gets a bit down, “I cry. I’m sad a lot,” the legendary rapper told us. Life’s “problems and issues” sometimes weigh on the 46-year-old, but thankfully, his new project, Bible Of Love helped to lift his spirits.

The double-disc album, 32-track, gospel album is the first of its kind from Snoop, and while not everyone is receptive, the Doggfather knows he’s fulfilling his purpose. “I stepped in the world (of gospel) to say, hold on, let me take my light … and put it on this gospel gang with some of the most extraordinary singers you’ve ever heard in your life,” Snoop stated.

And that he did!

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