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Warning Signs? Beyonce Drops Hints About Troubled Relationships



A picture is worth a thousand words…

It’s a simple prayer that Beyonce posted on her Instagram last week, but after re-reading it now, it seems to speak volumes.

With just a picture of a bee as her caption, Bey posted the prayer on May 7th, just two days after her sister Solange physically attacked her husband Jay Z in an elevator. Within the spiritual text, Beyonce asks God to “give me discernment and strength to separate myself from anyone who is not a good influence.” Is this a sign that Yonce’ has some issues within the family? Does she need discernment about Jay or Solange? Or could this post simply be a a prayer for someone else? We may never know.

Unfortunately, we may also never know what sparked Solange into a fist of fury. Hopefully, they’ve all had a chance to cool down and things are good again with the Knowles/Carter clan.

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  1. Ryo Plaza Dela Calzada

    May 12, 2014 at 10:05 PM

    I think Solange started flippin out when she notices Jay doesn’t have an image reflection of himself in the mirror and shes trying to tell everyone hysterically at the Gala but no one seems to believe her including Yonce’! LOL!

  2. MamaV

    May 17, 2014 at 10:47 AM

    In that pic above to me it’s like “you better smile for the camera or else”. I don’t feel the Love in this Marriage and Bey is not Happy. The Image is so important in this Marriage. Bey “What Means The Most To You Family or Fame? JZ got you Working Hard and now you look like Ike and Tina and you know how that Ended. Bey do you know that your Fans are going on Other artist and Dissing them on their own page? How Disrespectful! They act as though others are a Threat and no one else can be a Star but you. There will be Star b4 and after. Sometime it can be Lonely at the Top and don’t let no one Treat U Wrong! Money don’t buy LOVE! Good Luck and God Bless!! Why did you marry JZ knowing this past nothing change but AGE. No one is copying your style that was ALREADY OUT THERE but your Fans choose to Think So. There were Toni, Tina, JLo, Lil Kim, and that Stand came from Diana Ross the real Boss along with the big Hair so please educate your Fans and tell them to Stop the Madness! Thank You and Good Luck!

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