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T.I. and Floyd Mayweather Box It Out In Vegas Brawl!



Usually when Floyd Mayweather has a fight in Vegas it’s with another boxer — this time, T.I. was his opponent!

So, what would make a rapper go at the welterweight champion of the world? A girl, of course. But, not just any girl, it’s Tip’s wife Tiny that’s at the center of this epic mess.

According to sources, Mayweather and Harris (aka T.I.) got into an argument at a Fatburger in Las Vegas early Sunday morning. During their exchange, Floyd can be heard saying “control your [email protected]$h” and apparently, that’s when T.I. took the first swing. Before the bodyguards jumped in, chairs were thrown and chaos was caused in the middle of the fast-food joint.

Some folks are saying that Tiny has been spotted with Floyd on a couple of occasions despite Tip’s obvious objections…but, that’s just all hear say (or is it?!).

And just in case you’re wondering, of course there’s video of the whole ordeal. Check them out below courtesy of TMZ.

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