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Standard Hotel Issues Statement About Solange vs. Jay Z Brawl



The Standard Hotel doesn’t want any problems with Solange Knowles — clearly she’s NOT to be messed with!

The swanky hotel where Beyonce’s baby sister brutally attacked Jay Z in an elevator has just issued a statement about the incident, promising to prosecute those involved in leaking the footage.

“We are shocked and disappointed that there was a clear breach of our security system and the confidentiality that we count on providing our guests. We are investigating with the utmost urgency the circumstances surrounding the situation and, as is our customary practice, will discipline and prosecute the individuals involved to our fullest capacity.”

The video showing Solo punching and kicking Jay has sent shock waves through the entertainment industry. While it’s unknown why the incident occurred, it’s pretty obvious that Solange was pissed, Jay was trying to stay cool and Beyonce wasn’t trying to play sides.

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  1. Space Mack

    May 12, 2014 at 1:12 PM

    I am willing to bet that Jay Z did some fucked shit and Solange was either protecting her sister or pissed he disrespected her.

    • College Girl

      May 13, 2014 at 12:00 AM

      I agree.

      The fact Beyonce DID NOTHING

      and the fact she is NEAR SMILING

      after that incident just proves Solange probably was trying to scold Jay Z for something he did

      If she was truly a crazy loose cannon who starting attacking Jay Z, Beyonce would have probably not have only stepped in, both she and Jay Z would have probably called the Cops after.

      This seems like it was justified behavior; Beyonce’s composure suggests it very well.

      Wondering what is he did!??? What was the motivation..

      • Jeffrey Deutsch

        June 10, 2014 at 8:31 AM

        Not quite.

        If Solange was a crazy loose cannon, Beyonce should not have been just standing there and nearly smiling, and should have stepped in and stopped it.

        Big difference between should have and would have.

        Just as we can’t assume “Well, Solange was attacking Jay Z, therefore Solange was wrong because Jay Z wouldn’t do anything to deserve it,” we also can’t assume “Beyonce was standing by and letting Solange attack Jay Z, therefore Jay Z was wrong because Beyonce wouldn’t stand by and let a good guy get attacked.”

        If Jay Z was attacking Solange and Beyonce was just standing by smiling, would you give Jay Z a similar benefit of the doubt because, after all, Beyonce wouldn’t let her own sister be attacked unless she was doing something wrong?

    • Jeffrey Deutsch

      June 10, 2014 at 8:26 AM

      And on what basis do you assume that?

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