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Solange Brutally Attacks Jay Z On Elevator



A video of Solange brutally attacking Jay Z on a elevator just surfaced and the internet is in total shock.

In the video, Solange, Jay and Beyoncé enter an elevator with a bodyguard at the Standard Hotel where they were attending a Met Gala after party. Almost immediately after the elevator doors close, Solange lashes out at Jay with a fury of punches and kicks. The bodyguard manages to hold Solange back, but not before she connects a couple of hits on her brother-in-law. At one point, Jay blocks a kick from Solange by grabbing her leg, but at no point does he fight back. Beyonce, who physically distances herself from the attack, stays next to Jay Z’s side during the entire altercation.

After exiting the elevator, the TMZ video shows Jay, Solange, Beyonce, and the bodyguard leaving the hotel in separate vehicles; Solange and Beyonce in one and Jay alone in another.

No word has come out about about why the altercation took place. HipHollywood will keep you up to date as more details are revealed.

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