Major Moves for Raven-Symone

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Raven-Symone has been laying low as of late, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t making major moves!

The former Disney starlet popped up on Instagram, after taking a month-long break, showing off a new haircut.

“I haven’t been on Instagram in a month. BECAUSE… I couldn’t remember my password, and when I asked for it, it did NOT send the reset email until right now!!! SAN FRANCISCO, you a bringing smiles to my face!!!! WAIT #letmetakeaselfie #photobomb smh!” Raven captioned the photo.

But her transformation isn’t just physical, she’s also working on her mental. Little Olivia The “400 Million Dollar Girl” has enrolled in Academy of Art University!

“It’s even more official. I’m a student! So happy! #academyofartuniversity #cryingontables #makinglifechanges #gaininghumancapital #hellyea,” the former Cosby Show actress posted.

CONGRATS Raven! A mind IS a terrible thing to waste.

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