Everyday Folks: Mariah Carey Takes The Subway…In A Couture Gown!

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The “elusive chanteuse” is now the “subway chanteuse”.

While on her way to the Fresh Air Fund gala in New York city, Mariah Carey decided to hop on the subway in her sparkly, blue gown — and of course, she documented the whole trip on social media.

MiMi posted a photo of herself sitting on the glamours orange subway seats, decked out in a full-length dress and sliver cut-out gloves, with the caption, “Glimpses of our joyride on the 1 train #subwayincouture.”

The Grammy-winning singer also posted another pic saying, “Laughs pon de subway.”

But, the fun didn’t end on Instagram, Carey also posted a series of videos on Vine.

Luckily, Mrs. Cannon and her dress, made it to the gala unharmed. Mariah’s 14th studio album, Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse is out now!

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