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Diggy Simmons Drops New Music…and His Drawers!



Diggy Simmons has been kind of quite on the music front since the release of his debut album, Unexpected Arrival, in 2012.

Aside from that messy “beef” with J. Cole and an unofficial single released late last year, Rev. Run’s son has seemingly taken a step back from the family business.

That was, until now! Simmons has teamed up with Trevor Jackson for his latest single “My Girl”. The smooth track features Jackson serenading the ladies and telling them how he can treat them better than the last guy, while Diggy finesses his flow on the beat.

Take a listen below.

And in case you didn’t know…little Diggy is all grown up! The 19 year old “Do It Like You” rapper is a BIG fan of the shirtless selfie…

And at one point, it looks like he may have forgotten his bottoms!

I’m sorry…he will always be little Diggy to us (well maybe not ALWAYS!).

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