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Wu-Tang Denies Affiliation To Man Who Cut His Penis Off



Wu-Tang Clan officially denied any links to rapper Andre Johnson, the man who severed his penis and jumped from a second story window Wednesday.

On Thursday, the group posted a photo that they later took down of Johnson with the message:

“Parental Advisory: Don’t Believe the HYPE. This Mother F–ker Ain’t Got S–t to do with The WUTANG Brand.”

Someone claiming to be the spokesperson for Wu-Tang released a statement to The Mirror stating that, “He is not of any affiliation to Wu-Tang Clan or any of its subsidiaries. No one here has ever seen or heard of this fool until now.” An official rep for the group told E! News that this statement was never made, adding, “What Christbearer did was unfathomable.  I feel for his family at this time.”

Johnson was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after being found lying on the sidewalk with critical injuries on Wednesday in North Hollywood. TMZ reports that the while Johnson is in stable condition, doctors were unfortunately not able to reattach his penis.

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