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Wow! Check Out Michelle Williams’ Top 5 Embarrassing On-Stage Moments



#PoorMichelle has been a popular hashtag being used among social media users to essentially poke fun at Destiny’s Child singer, Michelle Williams. But now, the singer is poking fun at herself.

Williams recently teamed up with Playtex to promote the brand’s Gentle Glide feminine care products. For the large campaign, the 33-year-old will be revealing her personal Play On moments on the Playtex Facebook page and will invite women to share their embarrassing moments and blunders.

So, during an interview with TIME Magazine, the publication asked the star to reveal her top embarrassing on-stage moments with Destiny’s Child and how she was able to overcome them.

1. When she fell during performance on 106th and Park: “It’s so quick and you get back up,” she said. “That was 10 years ago, I’m over that and many great things have happened since then for me.”

2. When she went cowgirl on MTV’s TRL: “That was for the release of our album Survivor. We knew we were fabulous and fierce and that’s all there is to it,” Michelle shared.

3. When she tried to mix denim and crochet: “We were bright, but most of all, it’s been about our music that has gotten us to where we are,” Williams explained.

4. When she arrived at the Kids Choice Awards in Boy Scout couture: “We thoroughly enjoyed those outfits, those were pretty cool,” she said.

5. When she wasn’t recognized on the red carpet: “She was an idiot, a bonafide idiot. I should’ve asked her ‘well are you a reporter?’ Regardless of what people do or say about me I am always blessed.”

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Chris Graham Reveals Best Advice Cousin Drake Has Given Him



There’s a new member to the OVO Sound family. Drake’s Toronto-based label is expanding it’s roster, and this time the new addition is actually family.

Drizzy has signed his first cousin Christopher “Royalty” Graham to OVO.

If you couldn’t tell from the last name, the Memphis-bred rapper is actually blood-related. His father and Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham, are brothers, and it’s safe to say music definitely runs through their genes.

We caught up with the new signee, who now just goes by the stage name Chris Graham, at the 2017 American Music Award’s about his upcoming project, who’s a better singer him or Drake, and the best advice his big cousin has given him.


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