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Why Chrissy Teigen Is Telling Her Fans, “F*ck You All!”



Chrissy Teigen went in on fans on Thursday evening after a few social media users suggested that the Sports Illustrated model gained some weight.

“Honestly f*ck you all. Why do I even open anything up to you,” she wrote. “In what other real life situation would you walk up to someone and tell them they’re fat or gained weight? Seriously you are POS.”

She added, “I don’t know why I am always surprised when you let me down. I gotta get used to this sh*t. It’s amazing to me that I am told to get over the assholes but the a$$holes are never told to stop being pieces of sh*t.”

Teigen is known to post seductive photos on Instagram and definitely never shies away from showing off her incredible figure. But while the model understandably gets thousands of thumbs ups and compliments daily, there are a few fans that haven’t been so kind.

“Putting on that weight momma,” one tweet read.

As mentioned in the model’s response, she understands negative comments come with the job. But during an interview with HipHollywood last year, John Legend’s wife explained that it’s not always easy to brush it off.

“I started realizing is that things last forever. You can say something [on Twitter] and you can try and delete it and people will hold on to it and they will screen grab it. It’s forever on Twitter now,” she told us. “You can address something but in my heart, I really know that it is best to just let it go, don’t let it ride or else you’re too stuck on it. It drags it out even longer. It’s best to let it go, but that’s something that I’m learning as well.”

She added, “Twitter is fun for me because I get to interact with so many people. At some points it hurts you and frustrates you, but you bring it on yourself.”

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