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Trick Daddy Arrested In Florida With Guns And Drugs



“Uh huh, ok, whats up? LOCKED UP”

Miami based rapper, Maurice Young (aka Trick Daddy), was arrested on Thursday at his home in Florida and his mug shot has gone viral.

Authorities say that the 39-year-old rapper was booked on several charges including possession of a weapon and ammunition by a convicted felon and possession of cocaine. It has been reported that a drug task force was sent to Trick’s house where it was suspect that he hiding a grow house on his property. As they arrived to search the “I’m A Thug” rapper’s house, Trick got in his car and attempted to leave the premises but was stopped because of an expired driver’s license. After a questioning, he admitted to having cocaine in his house, a search warrant was issued, and the police found a 9mm handgun and ammunition along with cocaine in his bedroom.

Trick is already a convicted felon and has drug and weapon felony convictions.

He was released on a $6,100 bond early Friday morning but not before taking this mug shot that people on Twitter and Instagram are ruthlessly ridiculing.



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