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Sterling Saga: Tank Takes A Stand, Refuses To Sing National Anthem



Lets stand for something! Not just black people but EVERYBODY! God Bless..,” Tank posted on his Instagram account with the following picture.

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But, the R&B singer isn’t just talking the talk, he’s walking the walk too!  Tank was set to sing the national anthem at the Clippers game on Tuesday, but due to the Donald Sterling scandal has decided to boycott.

According to TMZ Sports, the TGT singer stated, “As an African American man and artist, I must take a stand on a matter that is so deeply personal to me.  In light of the recent disturbing and offensive allegations, in good conscience, I cannot move forward with my scheduled appearance at Tuesday’s Los Angeles Clippers game.”

This stance isn’t just a one time thing, T says he won’t do ANYTHING for the NBA until they complete their investigation on Sterling.  We applaud you, Tank!

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