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Mariah Carey’s Bombshell Revelation!



Mairah Carey is taking a page out of Beyonce’s book … And she should.  The singer, who recently celebrated her 44th birthday, revealed in Billboard’s forthcoming issue that she will be releasing a surprise album … Surprise!

“I have to be the one that announces this, especially the title,” she tells the publication for their anticipated cover story. Adding that the name is a “personal possession of mine that’s part of an entity that I’ve had almost all my life.”

By the way, Beyonce’s self-titled surprise album, released in December 2013, is still one of the most talked about albums of the year and went on to break records across the board, selling 828,773 copies worldwide in its first three days.

Carey, who has been working tirelessly on her forthcoming album revealed that the upcoming LP will have features by Mike Will Made It, Hit-Boy and “a special guest star that I’m not allowed to reveal,” she told Billboard.

Nick Cannon’s wife also tackles rumors suggesting that her next album will be her last. The star reveals that the reports are simply not true. “I will always make music. When I said it could be my last, that’s because tomorrow’s not promised to anyone.”

The full cover story hits stands May 5th. Will you be picking an issue up? 

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. R.D. Bone

    April 28, 2014 at 1:50 PM

    thats a bombshell??? who cares 4 years she has been spewing about that POS and after 4 pre released singles-it certainly is not anything to be waiting for-mostly be glad when the fat old stripper shuts up about it and puts her clothes on-she is just embarrassing-but even when now its a secret-shhh an a “surprise” she still doesn’t shut up-what a maroon -with every word she just looks like more of an idiot and a copy cat -but hey MeMe has never been original -she was created by Tommy as competition on the paid for Charts of the 90’s against Whitney-and she has been nothing but a blow hard sloppy second ever since-trouble is the old delusional cow actual believes all her own 20 year old hype and has turned into the twitter twatt monster-maybe she should just release her crappp on twitter

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