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Kerry Washington, Magic Johnson, Ellen DeGeneres React To Donald Sterling Ban!



NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver announced on Tuesday morning that not only will Clippers owner, Donald Sterling be banned from the NBA for life, but that he will also be fined $2.5 million in which the funds will be donated to organizations dedicated to anti discrimination intolerance efforts.

Following the judgement, celebrities took to Twitter with their reactions, many praising Silver for his decision to ban Sterling from Clippers organization as well as the league.

Kerry Washington: “Wow. Banned for LIFE. Well done #AdamSilver.”

Magic Johnson: “Commissioner Silver showed great leadership in banning LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life.”

Mark Cuban: “I agree 100% with Commissioner Silvers findings and the actions taken against Donald Sterling.”

DL Hughley: #DonaldSterling said he didn’t want to be around black people at the games & now he won’t…ever!!!

Mike Epps: “Breaking news ! GOD just said don’t bring Donald Sterling to my Heaven.”

Charlamagne Tha God: If Magic Johnson buys the Clippers which I think will happen Donald Sterling will definitely die of a broken heart.

Ja Rule: Donald Sterling #BannedForLife good move Adam Silver!!!

Malinda Williams: “It’s laughable, Donald Sterling’s “I feed them” comment. #fact; that organization makes sacrifices and busts their a**es to feed YOU!

Ellen DeGeneres: “There is no amount of money that excludes you from treating other people with respect. Thank you, Adam Silver.”

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1 Comment

  1. Yahdirah Boyd

    April 29, 2014 at 4:47 PM

    OMG kerry washington!!!!!

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Poor Michelle Williams Pranked The Beyhive — Watch What Happened When She “Called ” Beyonce



Michelle Williams aka Poor Michelle totally pranked the Beyhive and it was sort of epic.

While speaking at Liberty University’s Christian student gathering Convocation last week, the singer was asked to call Beyonce. Naturally, she was irritated that per the usual, fans were asking about her Destiny’s Child sister.

“You all just used me, and I don’t appreciate it,” as well as “You all are so shady.”

So the singer decided to instead prank the group and call Bey. During the chat, she appeared to have dialed the digits of Jay Z’s wife, but a voicemail picked up saying, “Hey, it’s B. Leave a message.”

But according to Williams, that call didn’t actually happen.

In a series of tweets, the singer admitted that it was all just a prank. “It was a prank goofballs!!” she tweeted with a few laughing emojis. “No real numbers were used…..the voice on the voicemail was a young Lady from the university.*slaps knee*”

She then suggested that it wasn’t her idea and that she “agreed to do it before the service started! A Lady named Katie let us use her number and she created a “voicemail.'”

Watch below at the 19:18 mark.

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