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Exclusive: Curtis Marsh, Jennifer Garner, Chadwick Boseman Talk ‘Draft Day’



Some of Hollywood’s heavy hitters, including Jennifer Garner, Kevin Costner and Chadwick Boseman made their way down the 50 yard line on Monday night during the Los Angeles premiere of Ivan Reitman’s, Draft Day.

HipHollywood threw some passes down the field and caught up with some of the film’s star’s who who scored when talking about why people are going to love this film.

“I think it’s the cast, it’s the performances, and it’s just the drama of the behind the scenes of sports that goes beyond what you would see on ESPN or Sports Center,” Chadwick Boseman said.

The film, which is centered around the NFL’s draft day, stars Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner and Tom Welling. Welling revealed to HipHollywood that Garner’s character as a female salary cap manager, is the heart and the soul of the film. “It’s so awesome what she does in this film,” he told us.

“I play Ali Parker … She’s super smart, she works in a man’s world and she is not afraid of the boys. She is not afraid to be one of the boys and she is not afraid to put them in their place,” Garner explained.

While on the green carpet, we also talked with some of the NFL’s top athletes who took a look back down memory lane and shared their emotions during draft day.

“Draft day was gathering around with a bunch of friends, having a lot of food and snacks and watching the draft and waiting for a phone call,” Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Curtis Marsh Jr. told us. “And when I got that phone call it was the happiest day of my life.”

Draft Day is set to hit theaters on April 11.

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Halle Berry & Her Wig Return For L.A. Riots Drama ‘Kings’



We may know why Halle Berry had those trendils of terrors at last years Oscars ceremony … she was in character for her new flick Kings.

The trailer just dropped and Berry’s curly locks are pretty identical to the ones she infamously rocked at the 2017 Academy awards. Folks went in on the gorgeous beauty about her hair choice for the evening, but we think once people see the trailer they’ll give her a pass.

Kings tells the story of Millie (Berry), a single mother with eight children, and some of them aren’t even her own. But she takes it upon herself to give them the best home that she can, even if it brings a little craziness into her neighborhood and drives her next door neighbor Obie (Daniel Craig) a little crazy. But there’s turmoil on the horizon after the Rodney King verdict is announced and the riots begin, seemingly putting Millie and her family in danger on the streets.

Similar to last years Detroit the flick, directed by Deniz Gamze Ergüven tackles racial tensions between citizens and law enforcement. Kings received mixed reviews when it premiered at September’s Toronto International Film Festival, but audiences will get to make up their own minds about the hot-button race-relations drama when it lands in theaters on April 27.

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