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Akon Responds To Donald Sterling Calling Him “Blacker than Black”



Rap star Akon believes he may have triggered Clippers owner Donald Sterling to go on his racist rant, after being invited to a Clippers game by Sterling’s girlfriend V. Stiviano.

Akon appeared on The Insider today (April 30) and told anchor Kevin Frazier, “Ultimately, I personally think it was the visit that  started this all up,” he said, referring to his attendance at the game with video vixen Karrine Steffans. “I’mma just keep it one hundred percent. Ultimately when we got there, and then when we left, afterward there was this big argument and she called me expressing how she felt about it and I thought it would just wash away … but before you know it I guess God said it’s time to expose it.”

Akon also told Frazier when asked how he felt about Sterling calling him ” blacker than black”, that he felt sorry for him. “Being able to be clean in thought without no hatred, the feeling that can give a person, to be able to live like that, I wish he can be able to experience that one day.”

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