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Restraining Order Alert: Pat Houston Orders Nick Gordon To Keep His Distance



And the Houston family drama continues. According to TMZ, Whitney’s sister, Pat Houston has filed a restraining order against Bobbi Kristina’s husband, Nick Gordon.

According to the news outlet, Gordon, who Whitney called her son prior to her passing, has been ordered to stay 200 yards away from Pat. Per TMZ, the order was issued after Pat claimed she “feared for her safety after Nick made threatening comments and posted photos of guns.”

Gordon tells the outlet that he was served on Monday, but he doesn’t “give a f*ck.”

Around the same time the story was posted on the outlet’s website, Gordon began retweeting some negative comments which appears to be directed towards Whitney’s sister.

“Pat is a filthy animal,” one tweet read.

“She WILL DO SOMETHING. WHEN the TRUTH bites her in the ass. She is a #WEAK Human being who has hers comin,” someone wrote.

Earlier this month, Gordon got into a physical altercation with Whitney’s nephew,¬†Gary Michael Houston while at a family gathering. According to TMZ, Gary slammed Nick to the floor and pounded his face for allegedly speaking ill words about the family.

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  1. Whatchalookenat!

    March 27, 2014 at 4:40 PM

    WTG Gary Someone needs to slam him and his ghetto wife down. To reality! Bobbi lost 20-30 pounds in a month, whatcha think these thugs are doin! Whitney be Rollin in her grave watchin her baby go down the tubes like this and her thug brother husband taken her there. No class at all, unlike her mother.
    Keep your chin up pat, they’ll get theres, it’s comen.

  2. Cynthia

    March 27, 2014 at 7:58 PM

    Pat is a low life rat. She did a lot of harm to Whitney. But this should not be handled this way. It should be handled the right way. Nick needs to stop some of this public stuff he is doing and pat the rat needs to stop acting like a victim because she never has been one. She was the one making sure negative press got out about Whitney with her spin ,what goes around comes around, only Nick is saying it outright and not pretending to have someone’s back while putting a dagger in it.

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