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Lupita Nyong’o In Talks For Role In “Star Wars VII”



Lupita Nyong’o is in talks to star in the upcoming science fiction flick, Star Wars VII. The Hollywood darling reportedly met with director J.J. Abrams just before the Academy Awards about the project, and there’s whispers she could land a lead role.

John Boyega is also one of five actors in talks for the male lead, which means two Black stars could be the face of a blockbuster film.

The actress’ name is also being mentioned for a starring role in Americanah. The project is based on a novel about a Nigerian immigrant, Ifemelu, who comes to America on a college scholarship, and faces what it means to be African versus African-American.


‘LHH’ Penitentiary? What Will Be The Fate Of Tommie Lee And Her Tumultuous Quick Temper…



In today’s ig’nant news, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Tommie Lee is being accused of beating up a sales associate at the Henri Bendel store in Atlanta’s Lenox Mall on February 1st. Why, lawd, why…

Apparently, Tommie, who’s known for her quick temper and panache for punching a chick, was browsing around the store with a male friend when the associate came up and confronted her about something. That’s when things went left and she hit the girl with a quick right. The sales associate claims Lee and her friend bolted and now police are on the hunt.

On the contrary, Tommie is calling BS on the whole thing. Not only does she claim she wasn’t involved in an altercation, she’s saying she wasn’t even in Atlanta. The reality show raptress says she was in Miami shooting a music video and couldn’t possible have been in Atlanta fighting folks on the day in question. Most likely this one right here…

So, when the cops finally catch up with Tommie what will happen? It could really go either way … Lee is no stranger to law enforcement and has seen her fair share of court rooms, so if she is in fact guilty then jail time could be in her future. However, if she’s got receipts on this whole little Miami trip, then she is free and clear.

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