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Khloe Kardashian: “You Are So F*cking Desperate!”



Khloe Kardashian and an Australian morning show are at odds this morning over a botched interview. The folks at Sunrise
claim Khloe cut the interview short after host Samantha Armytage inquired about her niece, North West.

“We thought it was a technical glitch but turns out @KhloEkardashian’s people pulled the plug after @Sam_armytage asked about baby North,” Sunrise tweeted.

Khloe immediately fired back with her own tweet:

“Why would I cut an interview short because of North? Get over yourself Sunrise. The call dropped, stop reaching for a story,” she tweeted, adding, “You are so f***ing desperate!”

An executive on the show told the press that Khloe’s people did pull the plug on the interview, and it was not cut short because of a dropped called. “What happened with @khloekardashian on the show is a good lesson for publicists everywhere. Don’t try to censor natural conversation,” he later tweeted.

You can watch the drama unfold in the video below.

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