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Exclusive: Deitrick Haddon About Alleged Penis Snapshot “Whose Picture Is That?”



For all you Preachers of LA fans, you’re are in luck because HipHollywood has learned that Season 2 of the hit Oxygen show is going to be captivating and as expected, full of drama.

“We are taping now actually, they are all up in my house … cameras everywhere,” Preachers of LA star Deitrick Haddon told HipHollywood while on the red carpet for BET’s Annual Celebration of Gospel.

“The goal of this show is to really show the flip-side of ministry, to show you the truth about who we are,” Haddon explained. “We are called ministers of the gospel. I’ve been singing the gospel for years and people need to know that we are real and we have real issues like anybody else. It’s ground breaking TV.”

Last year, the reality star came under fire for some of the issues that played out during the airing of Season 1. From getting his current wife pregnant while still going through the divorce process with his ex, to an alleged penis picture that hit the web, Haddon has had his share of negative media attention. But the singer tells us that what people say doesn’t bother him because he is simply … human.


“You just live, nobody is perfect out there. Everybody makes mistakes. I’ve made my mistakes in my life and I don’t think there’s anybody on the other side of this camera that has not made a mistake,” the singer told us. “The only difference is us being in the spotlight and we are preachers and we are held to a different standard. Sometimes we fall short just being human. The only thing you can do is just keep moving and keep going.”

Haddon added, “I have tough skin. When you’re doing what we do, people are going to always talk. It is what it is.”

Although the singer has not confirmed or denied that the photo floating around is his man parts, he did joke with us on the red carpet, asking us: “Whose picture is that?”

The 40-year-old has a new album coming out April 22 and be sure to check out his performance during BET’s gospel celebration set to air on Sunday, April 6 at 8 p.m.

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