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Exclusive: Kyla Pratt Plays Fun Game of “Let’s Stay Together or Let’s Break Up”



Great love stories, perfect comedic timing and pure absurdity, BET’s hit show Let’s Stay Together is back and ready for another amazing season. HipHollywood had a chance to catch up with star, Kyla Pratt to talk about Season 4 and what fans can expect from her character.

“My character Crystal is still crazy,” she explained. As for relationships, Pratt tells us that her love life continues to get more and more complicated. “This season is a little more crazy because before I was dealing with two men at the same time, I was getting my little player, player on,” she told us. “Now, I’m kind of refocusing to one way, trying to have my cake and eat it too on the low, low.”

And considering the show is called, Let’s Stay Together, we thought we’d play a little game of “Let’s Stay Together or Let’s Break Up.” We gave the star a few sticky relationship scenarios and she shared what she would do in that situation.

1. Your boyfriend tells his mom everything about your sex life: “I’d be like bruh, that’s nasty. I don’t know if I’d necessarily break up over that, I would be a little uncomfortable around her. Let’s stay together.”

2. (As seen on the show) Your boyfriend cheats on you with another man: “Oh no, we got to break up. I’m already worried about you looking at other chicks, now I have to worry about you looking at other dudes. I don’t have time for that.”

3. Your man flirts with your friends: “If my man is doing the flirting, most likely we are going to break up.”

4. Your guy forgets your birthday: “I don’t ask for much, I’m not high maintenance, I’m a giver, I love to see people smile … My birthday is about me. That day is about me. You gotta remember my birthday. Break up boo, I’m sorry.”

5. Your man is friends with his ex and is adamant about being her friend: “This is also to me a depending on the situation … Some people might feel like people can do that, I don’t know if I’m one of those people. No, I’m supposed to be your friend.”

Be sure to tune in for Let’s Stay Together tonight, March 4 on BET at 11 p.m.


Exclusive: So, Is The New “Friday” Movie Really Happening … Or Nah?!



There’s Friday, Next Friday, Friday After Next … and now maybe Last Friday?

Fans have been begging Ice Cube to bring back his uber popular Friday franchise for years. And now that his look-a-like son, O’Shea Jackson Jr., is killing the thespian game, just like his pops, a reboot seems all the more possible, right?

Just last week, comedian DC Young Fly posted a pic on Instagram teasing his fans about the possibility of himself and Jackson, Jr. filling the roles of Smokey (originally played by Chris Tucker) and Craig.

And of course fans went crazy. But when we chatted with O’Shea during the press day for his new action film “Den of Thieves”, he was a bit more reserved about the idea.

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