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Chrissy Teigen Posts Naked Photo On Instagram + Slams Hater Who Says ‘Cover Up’



We can always count on Chrissy Teigen to give us a good naked photo … But not everyone feels that way.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Sports Illustrated Model posted a nude image of herself on Instagram. In the snapshot, John Legend’s wife can be seen sitting down with her legs up, using a pillow to cover up her lady parts as she jokingly appears to be totally exhausted.

“Work ughhhhh so harrrrrd,” she captioned the image.


And while model is no stranger to posting seemingly naked images on the social media network, some people feel like it’s too much.

“You are a married woman – cover up or find other means of fulfilling your depraved need for attention cup,” an IG user wrote about the model’s photo.

Teigen quickly fired back, writing:

“Keep taking pictures of crayons you crayola b*tch a$$.” (FYI, the IG user recently took a photo of crayons)

The 28-year-old is not one to shy away from calling out haters on social media. In fact, HipHollywood caught up with the star last year who explained that she is slowly learning to let things.

“I started realizing is that things last forever. You can say something [on Twitter] and you can try and delete it and people will hold on to it and they will screen grab it. It’s forever on Twitter now,” she told us. “You can address something but in my heart, I really know that it is best to just let it go, don’t let it ride or else you’re too stuck on it. It drags it out even longer. It’s best to let it go, but that’s something that I’m learning as well.”


She added, “Twitter is fun for me because I get to interact with so many people. At some points it hurts you and frustrates you, but you bring it on yourself.”


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