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Caught On Camera: 2 Chainz Blasts Groupie Backstage!



Here’s a little public service announcement: Unless 2 Chainz personally invites you backstage, stay far away or else you just might get embarrassed.

On Wednesday, a video surfaced online of the Atlanta rapper confronting a groupie who made her way backstage after a show, but turns out she wasn’t supposed to be there. In the video, you see a young woman hanging out with the rapper and his crew until someone notices that she is there.

According to Tinaa, the groupie’s name, 2 Chainz’s friend Cap-1 invited her backstage, but apparently that was not the case. “How did you get back here,” 2 Chainz asked.

“I think you should go that way,” 2 Chainz told the woman. “Why you back here you are in blog territory.”

Turns out, the crew thought Tinaa was another Tina and that’s how she was able slip her way in. And based on Tinaa’s Instagram page, she hangs around famous rapper’s frequently and usually manages to capture photos with music’s heavy hitters.

Groupie 1

Groupie 2

Groupie 3

The entire interaction was captured on camera and for your entertainment, here it is:


From Gangsta To Gospel … Snoop Dogg Shuts Down Critics Of His Spiritual Album



Who says a gangsta rapper can’t drop a gospel album — apparently, the critics.

Snoop Dogg released his spiritual effort, Bible Of Love, today and unfortunately some folks just don’t understand why. Thankfully, we talked to Uncle Snoop and he let the haters know they won’t be dulling his shine.

“My spirit is in the right place,” Snoop proclaimed, “so for those who have backlash or something to say, their spirit ain’t right.” But Unc didn’t stop there, he went on a preached a word right quick … “I thought the Bible said Jesus was in the streets mixing it up with the real, bringing the real back to the fold.” Yep, yep, that’s exactly right!

But just because he has a gospel album doesn’t mean Snoop ain’t still street. “I come from the hood and I come from the church so they can’t out do me,” he reminded us.

Do you agree with The Doggfather’s message?

Bible Of Love is available now!

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