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50 Cent Says That Eminem Deserves More Respect



Although Eminem is has sold more albums than any other rapper in history, 50 Cent says that he is still not getting the respect that he is due.

50 recently opened up to Noisey saying that he thinks that race is still one of the factors that is holding Eminem back from getting the full respect that he deserves. “Em is really underrated because people have always been talking about him like, ‘The white rapper Eminem’ instead of just ‘the rapper,'” the 38-year-old rapper said.

“Yeah, because the skin color thing is still there … He has so many skills and he’s more hood than so many people out there, people still put the skin color before anything and don’t give him enough credit. It’s like people saying Elvis Presley was only famous because he was white. He had, y’know, the rhythm of James Brown but he had his own thing. He was Elvis. He wasn’t just a White man. Things like that are going to be picked up between Black people and white people and anybody. It doesn’t mean a person isn’t great because they’re influenced by something associated with another race. It doesn’t matter,” he followed up.

While Eminem may be the Queens-born rapper’s mentor, 50 is currently in a bit of a struggle with Eminem’s mentor, Dr. Dre and Interscope co-founder Jimmy Iovine, the owners of Beats headphones . The dispute is over Interscope using only Beats By Dre headphones in their music videos and not allowing him to use his own SMS Audio headphones in one of his recent music videos.

50 has since left Interscope and is preparing for the June 3rd release of his new album, Animal Ambition.

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Dr. Heavenly Explains Her ‘If My Husband Cheated He Didn’t Mean To’ Philosophy



Dr. Heavenly Kimes has an interesting philosophy on cheating … but then again we’re not surprised.

If you watch Married To Medicine then you know the successful Atlanta, GA dentist dotes on her husband, who she affectionately calls “daddy” and the two have a pretty solid marriage.  So much so, that Kimes believes if he ever cheated on her he didn’t mean to do it.

Kimes made that proclamation after news broke that Dr. Jackie’s husband was having an affair, and of course she had the ladies scratching their heads. HipHollywood sat down with her to get more insight on her viewpoint. Here’s what she had to say.

“I said something that I think a lot of people feel but would not say it, because it’s not a politically correct thing to say,” she explained. “I said if my husband cheated he would not mean to do it. I stand by it, it may sound silly, it may sound funny, I’m not trying to be funny, I don’t think he would have meant to do it.”

“I can’t say it was her, I’m not going to put it all on her, but it had to have been something to make that man go that far,” she adds referring to the other woman. “Maybe I’m naive but I don’t think my husband would just cheat on me and mean to cheat.”

To her credit, Kimes is also a certified relationship coach and has been dishing her advice (solicited or not) to the other wives since season 2. She ended her explanation comparing cheating to a person on a diet. The analogy was pretty hilarious, but actual made a lot of sense.

“I like to compare sex to food because they go together,” she says. “If you’re hungry and you know you’re on a diet and you’re really really trying really hard and somebody comes with a buffet of your favorite foods and lays it all out for you and starts putting … you didn’t mean to eat it but you ate it.”

So do you agree Heavenly? Let us know in the comments below.


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