Want To See Mario In His Manties?

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Mario pulled a Trey Songz over the weekend and posted an image on Instagram of himself in his undies.


On Saturday, the singer posted this image on the social media website with his shirt pulled up, exposing his rock hard abs and tone legs. In the selfie, Mario sports a pair of perfectly fit black boxer briefs.

“Ladies only | I had a dream that I would play in the next spartan movie so I woke up like this | God,” he captioned the photo.

Mario Undies

Although we are pleased that Mario has clearly been hitting the gym and perfecting his body, we are more thrilled that he will be releasing new music sooner than later. HipHollywood caught up with the singer just before the new year to talk about his forthcoming album.

“I’m about to put out some new music,” he told us while on the red carpet for Floyd Mayweather’s Annual Classic Celebrity Toy Drive and Basketball Game. “I’m just working it and making sure that anything I put out from now on is keeping the bar high, making good music and making sure that it’s legendary.”

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