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Cops Called During Tyrese And Baby Mama Altercation



Gotta love baby mama drama.

Tyrese Gibson’s baby mama called police to her home on Tuesday night over a possible custody violation. According to TMZ, the singer stopped by Norma Gibson’s home in North Hollywood to pick up their 6-year-old daughter, but Norma didn’t want her daughter to leave because she was sick.

According to reports, Norma contacted police before Tyrese arrived because she wanted law enforcement to look over the custody documents, which she thought stated she wasn’t required to “turn over” the kid.

Apparently when all parties arrived, everyone talked and Tyrese left without his daughter.

Although no police report was taken, sources tell TMZ  that the singer is “going to court to ask a judge to hold Norma in contempt” and send her to jail “for violating the custody order.” The insider revealed that Tyrese doesn’t believe the child was really sick.

While Tyrese was hot on his press tour for his latest film, Black Nativity, HipHollywood caught up with the actor to talk about his relationship with his ex-wife. Last year Norma went on a Twitter rant slamming Gibson, claiming that he is a terrible father. But Tyrese has moved past it, and told us that he is working on forgiving her.

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They’ve Gone Too Far … This Is Why We’re Finally, Completely, Utterly Over The Kardashians!



It’s like an abusive relationship that we keep coming back to…

Honestly, many of us on the HH staff have been over the Kardashians for years now. Not in a hater way, just in a way that we feel like it is no longer necessary, nor fulfilling, to follow them, like them, watch them or support their various business ventures or brands (many of us never did in the first place, but we digress).

But, for the few of us that did enjoy watching the show or following their social media antics, this most recent ‘KUWTK’ trailer is the straw that has broken the proverbial camel’s back.

We know a few of these chicks are pregnant, but of course, not a baby bump in sight. Instead, Kylie has gone into hiding (not featured in the trailer at all) and Khloe has some big secret and everyone is crying and can’t believe it (pregnancy, duh!). But they way that ‘KUWTK’ plays it’s viewers like fools has just gotten to the point that it’s unacceptable. This trailer doesn’t make you want to watch the show. The trailer makes you irritated that they string you along and pre-produce their lives to achieve ratings gold. It’s annoying and we’re over it.

Oh, and let’s not even start with the Blac Chyna shade. That girl was just getting the last laugh. Let’s not forget what your family did to her first! But anywoo…

Y’all can watch if you want. We won’t be. But I’m sure we’ll see the long-awaited baby bumps on our IG timeline in due time. Until then we won’t be keeping up. (but if you want to see the trailer below)

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