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Paul Walker’s Chilling Autopsy Report



On Friday, the Los Angeles Coroners Office released the final autopsy reports on the death of Paul Walker and business partner/friend, Roger Rodas.

According to the detailed reports obtained by HipHollywood, Walker and Rodas both died of “combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries” after the Porsche Carrera GT, driven by Rodas, crashed into a pole and burst into flames on November 30.

Walker’s report states that the flames burned the actor’s body so badly that none of his organs were suitable for transplant. The document also shows that Walker suffered “multiple fractures” including his ribs and pelvic.

The report reveals that the Fast and Furious star was “located lying supine (face up) in the passenger seat” and was in a “pugilistic stance.” (Which means he was in a defensive position.)

According to Rodas’ final report, he “sustained major head trauma with the top portion of his skull fractured and his brain exposed.” Roger also suffered multiple fractures.

There were no traces of alcohol or drugs found in either body.

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Could There Be A ‘Black Panther’ And ‘Luke Cage’ Crossover In The Works?



With all the hype over Black Panther (and it breaking box office records) fans are craving more of the Marvel superhero and crafting ways to intertwine him across the MCU. One theory is to have T’Challa and Luke Cage on screen together for an epic crossover episode during Cage’s sophomore season on Netflix.

The idea isn’t farfetched to Luke Cage star Simone Missick.

“I would love that,” Missick who plays Misty Knight told HipHollywood. “I mean doesn’t Black Panther come to New York, Misty Knight could travel to Wakanda. Maybe she takes a vacation and winds up in Wakanda.”

But while Missick was only speaking hypothetically, she said LC showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker and BP director Ryan Coogler are good pals so it’s not out of the question. “They already know each other. Cheo is working on Creed 2 writing the script and that was Ryan’s movie, so that would be awesome.”

Meanwhile, when asked about a Black Panther and Luke Cage meeting on screen, Coker was enthusiastic. “I would love that, I really would!,” he told “I mean, because it would be, like, OK, T’Challa could definitely get on Pop’s free haircut list.”

In an interview with BET, Coogler was asked about three MCU characters coming together – Blade, T’Challa, and Luke Cage.

“I don’t control that stuff. I know that stuff’s all complicated. I wish Kevin [Feige] was here to see if you could talk to him, because he knows more about it. But I think it would be awesome. I loved those characters. [Blade] paved the way for what we’re doing now…And what Cheo [Hodari Coker] is doing with Netflix is just incredible, putting African-American culture on the screen like that and seeing people react to it that aren’t from that culture…the same way they react to a black basketball player or a black musician. It works for film, too. It’s universal.”

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