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Video: Kris Jenner And Nicole Richie Kick A Beat, Rap To Salt-n-Pepa’s ‘Shoop’



Is Kris Jenner going to be the next hot rap star? Moooossst likely not … But according to a video posted online, mama K does have some skills.

On Wednesday afternoon, Kim Kardashian posted a hilarious video of Jenner and Nicole Richie rapping to Salt-n-Pepa’s “Shoop.” The reality star captioned the 26-second clip, “My fave new rap group.”

In the video, you see Richie and Jenner sporting sideways hats as they belt out the classic 90’s track. When Jenner messes a verse up, Kim’s childhood friend quickly fires back to correct the momager. “Did you say ‘Hey girl, what’s my weakness. No … Girls, what’s my weakness? Men,” Richie tells Kris as Kim giggles in the background.

We have to say this might be the best Keek video of all time.

Check it out:

Jan 15, 2014 | My fave new rap group @nicolerichie @KrisJenner by KimKardashian on

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sakl

    January 17, 2014 at 11:01 PM

    Kris whatever her last names is is an old, whorish, money hungry scant – that will do anything and anybody just like her trashy kids to stay in the media to remain relevant (subjective term for real) by any means necessary. Why don’t she/they just go away completely. This old scant is played.. Talk show cancelled – 3 divorces (kim, kris, khloe in less than two years- kids lives are a nasty mess…Ratings dropping in the toilet and product sales indicate doom. GTFO… So you do reap what you sow.. Good to know!

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