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Kris Humphries Wants Herpes Lawsuit Dismissed



The Kris Humphries herpes saga continues.

According to new documents filed by Humphries’ lawyers, the woman who alleged that the baller gave her herpes said during a recent deposition that she has no proof that Humphries gave her the virus because she has slept with so many men.

You might remember back in 2012, Kayla Goldberg filed a lawsuit claiming that she and the NBA player had unprotected sex twice in 2010 and that he gave her the herp. According to the lawsuit, obtained by Radar Online, Goldberg was “free of any venereal diseases at the time she commenced her intimate relationship with Kris Humphries.” She claimed that she then “developed symptoms of herpes about or around four to five days after the first sexual encounter with Humphries.”

Kim Kardasian’s ex-husband, who has proof that he does not have the sexually transmitted infection, is asking for the lawsuit to be dismissed.

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  1. Rosalie Poochieo

    March 25, 2014 at 8:49 AM

    I believed Kris Humphries all along that he is herpes free.Also, I agreed with him that Kayla was sleeping around.I stated maybe she was upset with last man.Just wanted a fling with Kris.Though if she were smart shed want a longer relationship to have with Kris.Anyhow,its good its over.Its not worth the headache.Kris is a forgiving man.We know that with his ex. Kris Humphries obviously loves women.He could of really slammed her badly in court.Because Kayla lied in the past court showingS many times.Thats why it dragged on.Kris is smart and honest.ITS GOOD KRIS STOOD HIS GROUNDS. NOT GIVE UP. Kris Humphries is really a nice gentleman.He could of done her real harm in court. Yah. I know Kayla.Nobodys perfect! I hope U find your right man. Either it be Kris Humphries are another man.Whether are not Kayla and Kris were together again after this.Unknown,but I wish them both the best for them.I know when person gets scared,its easy to lie.Its good Kayla G. finally confessed up truthfully.Thats all Kris ever wanted.Her lawyer must of convinced her to do the correct thing.Honesty.It truly is the best policy.This was getting messy.Kayla,Kris does find pretty ladies.As you are pretty.

  2. Rosalie Poochieo

    March 25, 2014 at 9:09 AM

    3/24/2014 THANK YOU DISQUS.It went through.Thats why I left You Tube.Id take my time to support Boston Celtics.Some time later Id go to retrieve my You Tube comment.Make sure he gets it. The comment would be erased etc. Disappeared. Hoping Disqus will be better. THANKS

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