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Justin Bieber Accused Of Firing Eggs At Neighbor’s Home



Justin Bieber had an egg cracking party on Thursday night … Unfortunately he wasn’t cracking eggs into a burning skillet.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department tells HipHollywood that they responded to a complaint in Justin’s Calabasas neighborhood around 7:40pm of vandalism. The incident involved a 47-year-old male, a neighbor of the pop star, who complained that the 19-year-old was throwing eggs at his home.

We are told that Bieber has not been confirmed as the egg thrower, but according to the neighbor, it was definitely the “Beauty and the Beat” singer.

The victim tells TMZ that he heard something banging against his Calabasas home and when he stepped onto the balcony, he saw Justin down throwing eggs at his front door.

In a video taken by the neighbor, you can hear the neighbor and Justin throwing “F” bombs at each other. “I see you. I f**king see you,” the neighbor yelled. Then Justin fired back, “F**k you!”

In the short clip, obtained by TMZ, you can hear the victim’s daughter freaking out as they finally call law enforcement.

The singer is now reportedly a suspect in a felony vandalism investigation.


Four Other Times Joy-Ann Reid Snapped On Live TV



MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid has no problem going OFF on anybody talking out the side of their mouths.

Just this week, the television host blasted Stephanie Hill, the Advisor National Diversity Coalition for Trump, for her seemingly scripted response to Trump’s alleged Haiti is a “shithole” comment.

“People are so angry over things that the president didn’t say,” Hill said. “They are more angry than they are at the Clintons for getting rich over poor Haitians.”

After going off on a bizarre Clinton tangent, Reid shut her down and asked point blank: “Did you get talking points before you came here?”

That’s when she hit Hill with, “This is not Fox News. We aren’t going to play the game of rolling out crazy conspiracy theories in the answers to my questions.”

She added, “I’m gonna put you on pause for a minute.”

This is not the first time Reid has gone off on a panelist. Here are a few other times the host simply could not bite her tongue.

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