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Is Kim Kardashian Losing Her Hair?



Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is balding, at least that’s what the rumor going around thanks to recent tabloid reports. Photographs recently surfaced of the brunette beauty having what appeared to be missing patches of hair.

Some bloggers blamed the alleged spots on damage from hair extensions, while others suggested Kim was shedding because of losing weight too fast after having a baby. Mrs. Kanye West has dropped 50-pounds since popping out her first child back in June 2013, but is that really to blame for her going bald?

According to her rep, “no.” The publicist also says that “[Kim] doesn’t wear extensions,” but we’re not that gullible. That being said, we don’t think the beauty is balding based on these images from Wednesday.



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  1. Windolin

    January 10, 2014 at 7:30 AM

    Yes, definitely.
    she’s looking to me as Mrs.Potato Head.

  2. Mary

    January 10, 2014 at 9:25 AM

    This isn’t just a bad hair day it’s factual truth that the Kardashians don’t have full thick healthy hair, they cover it up by all the hair extension they’ve been using for many many years. Khole and Kourtney have the same exact problem just pay close attention to their hair. It may not look obvious in this picture as well as how they attempt to make themselves look all the time PERFECT all glammed up of course people wouldn’t recognize the obvious if all the Kardashians portray is fake and lies just to make millions.

    This is OLD news to me.. Kim K has been losing her hair way before pregnancy/giving birth she may be losing her hair even more drastically due to hormones and the pregnancy but if people really paid attention to her hair you could tell that she uses a color product to make her hair appear thicker it’s been very obvious especially along her hair line when her hair was darker. I was so shocked when I noticed Kim K was losing her hair a few years back.. there was a before and after picture of her in the same clothes the same day by herself with her thin hair in a bun and clearly bald patches on the side of her head where her temples are.. A few hours later she was in the same outfit all Glamed up alongside her then husband Kris Humpries with a significantly thicker bun and full looking hair with no bald patches. It’s no secret that the Kardashians use hair extensions I’ve actually seen the same problem with Kourtneys hair in past photos as well as on the kardashian episodes and I really don’t understand why people/ the media have over looked this, maybe they haven’t noticed because they’re so preoccupied with the entertainment and what the media chooses to make “NEWS”. People all over the world suffer from hair loss and hair extensions have played a huge role on that for women, I think the kardashians should stop making themselves look perfect all the time and speak up about real problems make a difference among many who have been suffering for possibly the same reasons. I’d have more respect for them if they did that.

    • truth

      January 12, 2014 at 4:01 PM

      One episode she is ripping out extensionsfrom a shoot. She’s been using extensions. She lies about everything. She is fake and can’t face the reality of it. Sold the rights to her porno. She has no soul no dignity. Disgusting excuse for a human. Makes sense why she is not recognizable.

  3. Marie Shanahan

    January 11, 2014 at 4:25 PM

    They haven’t thought much of America’s wish to keep our media based, largely, on news of substance and I have never been a fan. I’m still not. But I am sad to see any woman lose her hair. Men can pull it off with a grace and dignity. All they have to do is shave it off to look “grizzled.” It’s a fashion statement, in itself. Not so with a woman – any woman. I’m 40 something, have had thyroid issues and hair loss and re growth for many years. It’s a terrible thing because you never know if this time will be the last time. So we stare at our hairline with this sick dread. It’s russian roullette. I hope her hair grows back (even if it is naturally thin) and she’ll lay off the extensions because she may still have time. What they did to Naomi Campbell was brutal, horrifying and permanent. Naomi Campbell is still beautiful, but her hairline has been destroyed. 🙁 So good luck, Kim Kardashian. I hope it’s temporary.

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