In Case You Missed It: Drake Does Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Katt Williams & More On SNL

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Drake put his acting skills to good use on Saturday night as co-host of SNL. The rap star was featured in almost every sketch on the show, and kicked things off with a hilarious retelling of his bar mitzvah in his opening monologue.

During the show, he impersonated Lil Wayne (as Steve Urkel on “Family Matters”) and Jay-Z (as a guest on “Mr. Wizard”) during a sketch about hip-hop stars being on unlikely TV shows before they were famous.  And, he also gave us his best Alex Rodriguez impersonation during the cold open and Katt Williams during a sketch about legalized marijuana in Colorado.

Our favorite? Definitely Katt Williams (“You here what I’m saying boo boo”). But we’ll let you be the judge. Check out the full show and clips below:

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