Idris Elba Talks D*ck, Gains More Twitter Followers

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It looks like Idris Elba figured it out … If you take to social media to talk about man parts, you’ll gain more followers.

Over the weekend, the Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom star posted a shocking message on Twitter about a bow tie and his southern region. “My Bow makes my d*ck hard every time I smile … Is that normal,” he wrote, including a photo of himself in a tuxedo.

Later adding, “Had fun…releasing the beast..:) (jokes).”

Elba In Post

One day later, Elba was surprisingly shocked with the response and attention he garnered from his random “D” post. “Wowsers! Crazy how many new followers you get when you mention the D*** If I owned a Bow tie company I’d be laughing. D*ckie Bows by Driis,” the 41-year-old wrote on Twitter Sunday night.

Lesson learned.

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