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Exclusive: Mila J Gives You A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Her ‘Champion’ Music Video Feat. B.o.B.



Mila J released the music video for her song “Champion” on Tuesday and HipHollywood got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how it was made.

We met up with the Los Angeles native on the set of her video while it was being shot and she opened up about its boxing theme, bright lights, and intense dance routines.

“Me along with the director and choreographer were just thinking back to just videos like in the 90s where it was like, you know, going back to where there were sets, you know what I mean, and lights. A really glossy high-energy feel and thats what we kind of wanted to do with this one because the song just kind of gives you that vibe. It’s just up-tempo fun and it makes you want to dance,” she told HipHollywood.

And if there is anything that this video lacks, it is certainly not dance. The video includes some intense dance numbers that show that Mila can truly hold her own when it comes to breaking it down on the dance floor.

“We’ve been putting on eight hour rehearsals every day, injuries and all that, but its worth it because I think the end product is gonna be … you’re gonna see why the rehearsals were worth it,” she stated when asked about the video’s dance numbers.

Watch the video above to see our exclusive behind the scenes video from this shoot.

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