Bow Wow Gets Embarrassed By Luxury Car Rental Company

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Bow Wow was just put on blast by a car rental service in Los Angeles after he posted a picture of himself driving one of their whipsn.

“Take the drop to the night spot. Keep the California in California. We went hard tonight. Grammy weekend,” the 106 and Park host captioned an image on Instagram.

Granted, Bow Wow didn’t exactly claim the car was his in the caption, but we can see how some would think he was fronting as if it was. The reality of the situation was made clear after Platinum Transportation posted the same picture as Bow Wow with their own caption:

“Our good friend Bow Wow pulling up to the Grammys with ‘our’ Ferrari California.”

The keyword in that caption for those of you who missed it is “our.” It’s been a rough month for the Young Money rapper. First he was accused of being fired from his BET show for using a corporate credit card to pay child support, and now this. Seems the little guy just can’t catch a break.



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