Toya Wright Arrested, Says Experience Was “Devastating”

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In unexpected news, Toya Wright was arrested on Tuesday!

Lil Wayne’s baby mama was riding around College Park, GA when she was pulled over. During the routine traffic stop, cops discovered a warrant out for her arrest. Wright was booked at a nearby station and was released Wednesday at 1:30a.m. on a $290 bond.

Toya took to Instagram to explain the situation.

Wow!!! It’s true I was jailed due to a old ticket that I thought I had taken care of but it was not. I try my best to take care of that sort of thing quickly but some how the ticket slipped through the cracks. I spent a day in jail and I must say that this experience was one of the most devastating of my life. I wouldn’t wish jail time for my worse enemy. Everyone that gets locked up isn’t a danger to the community. Many people are in jail are just like me for a ticket that was either forgotten or thought to be taken care of. But the way most are treated is inhumane. I never thought in a million years that the kind of things I’ve witnessed went on. The situation was so bad that I don’t even want to leave out the house. After my ordeal I am seriously contemplating being an advocate of better treatment for prisoners. Please believe I’m working on my lightening up my lead foot and if I do mess up and get another ticket, that day it will be taken care of.

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