Nicki Minaj Celebrates Her 31st Birthday With Kylie Jenner

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Rapper Nicki Minaj celebrated her 31st birthday on Sunday with a bunch of cake and some “interesting” gifts.

Minaj pulled up to her party, which was held at the Beverly Hills’ Phillippe resturant, in a bubblegum pink $700,000 Lamborghini and partied with a set of stars including 16-year-old Kylie Jenner.


The presents she received were probably the most scandalous additions to the birthday festivities. Before arriving to the party, Nicki was presented with her very own stripper pole.

“That awkward moment when u get a stripper pole for your birthday,” she captioned an Instagram photo of the present.


But it did not stop there, Nicki was presented with various cakes, including a boob-shaped cake that said, “shake your breasts for Nicki” as well as themed cakes of stuff Nicki loves.

With all that cake, we are sure Nicki enjoyed her 31st birthday.


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