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Exclusive Documents: Shaq v. Shaunie Court Battle



Shaquille and Shaunie O’Neal are at odds over Shaunie’s new reality show, and HipHollywood has obtained EXCLUSIVE court documents explaining it all.

This morning, the Basketball Wives Executive Producer went to court to have a judge grant her permission to have her four children, with Shaq, on her new reality show, tentatively called “The Shaunie Project.” The VH1 show, which is slated to start production in January, will focus on her personal life and her kids.

Unfortunately, Shaq has refused to sign consent forms to have their four children on the show. The former NBA star believes the show will hurt his kids and show them as a dysfunctional family. Sources close to Shaunie tell us she wants to do the show to “finally show what her life is like as a single mom, and inspire other women struggling to raise their children and balance a career.”

According to the court docsShaunie believes Shaq doesn’t want to do the show because it will tarnish his image as a father and show that he is barely around his kids. Shaunie says that the children spend the summer with O’Neal but that he has attended  “maybe one of our children’s birthday events this year.” What’s more, Shaunie says Shaq has missed 4 graduation events this year and in the past four years has attended “maybe four sporting events” that the kids are involved in.

Shaunie also writes in her declaration that Shaq was offered an Executive Producer credit on the show,  and the opportunity to view the episodes before they aired to ensure that the show portrayed his children to his liking. Producers close to the show tell us Shaq agreed to sign the consent forms, but renigged only after VH1 wouldn’t agree to paying him $1 million for his participation.

Shaq is currently being represented by Laura Wasser. He and Shaunie are expected to be back in court January 28, 2014.

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Exclusive Details: Kevin Hart’s Mistress Montia Sabbag Speaks + How Long The Pair’s Relationship Lasted!



It was a media frenzy outside of the Bloom Firm offices on Wednesday morning all thanks to Kevin Hart’s mistress, Montia Sabbag, who decided to speak out about the latest extortion scandal.

An emotional Montia stood alongside famous lawyer, Lisa Bloom, to talk about the night she was caught on camera being intimate with the married comedian. “I was involved with Kevin a month ago,” she said during her opening statement.

The aspiring actress then went on to emphatically state that she is not the culprit behind the now viral video making it’s way around the web. “I’m not an extortionist,” she said.

The alleged victim also shut down media reports that she is an exotic dancer. “I am not a stripper,” Montia proclaimed. “I’m a recording artists and an actress and I have to broken any laws. I had nothing to do with these recordings.”

Sabbag concluded her on camera statement by apologizing for “any involvement I had in this.”

As for how the two met — HipHollywood got down to the burning question when we sat down one-on-one with Bloom. “They met on the way to Vegas,” she explained. “It was a brief relationship, it was only a few days. It happened spontaneously. She didn’t know she was going to be meeting him.”

As for what’s next, Bloom plans on going to law enforcement so that the case can be investigated thoroughly.

She also tells us their goal is not to get money from Kevin. “This is not about money. We are not suing Kevin Hart. We are to not making any claims against Kevin Hart … he’s not the bad guy here,” she said. “The bad guy here is the criminal who put a camera in that hotel room and secretly recorded intimate moments.”

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