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Exclusive: Bradley Cooper Loves Rocking a Jheri Curl in ‘American Hustle’



Bradley Cooper went all in for his character in David O’ Russell’s latest film American Hustle … even rocking a jheri curl. HipHollywood sat down with Cooper to talk about his role as real life FBI agent Richie DiMasso and his curly locks.

“It was my idea” admitted Cooper. “But then it got expanded upon by David as to why and the process … It’s not a perm. We did it everyday and it 3 took hours.”

But Cooper isn’t the only one who had transform his look for the role and sport some seriously bad hair. Jeremy Renner let us in on his characters Liberace inspired hair, as did Christian Bale, who rocked an awful comb over in the film.

“I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time discussing hair, doing hair,” explained Renner who played NJ Mayor Carmine Polito in the film. “But it was a wonderful place to explore new feelings, emotions and themes and behaviors for me as an actor. It was a huge departure from so many of the things I’ve done.”

Bale, who plays con man Irving Rosenfield, also gained 40 lbs for his role. Check out how he says he packed on the pounds, and what Amy Adams felt about her sexy characters revealing wardrobe.

American Hustle is in theaters December 20th.


Cocktails & Coins! Inside Aisha Tyler’s Wild Life After Divorce & Departure From ‘The Talk’



Aisha Tyler went through a few MAJOR life changes over the past two years and now, the actress is back on top living life to the fullest.

In 2016, Tyler’s college love and husband of 20 years, Jeff Tietjens, filed for divorce from the actress. As if that weren’t an emotional challenge to overcome, Tyler was then ordered to pay Tietjens $31,250 a month in spousal support for the next four years, plus a lump sum of $500k.

Following the emotional split, Tyler’s career then took a big turn when she walked away from CBS’s The Talk. Just eight months ago, the actress left the show to pursue other passions. “I also have three other series (Criminal Minds, hosting Whose Line Is It Anyway? and voicing a character on Archer),” the actress said during the big announcement. “People always go, ‘How do you do all that?’ And I don’t always have an answer.”

While it might sound like Tyler’s woes and 360 of a life might seem completely damaging, it all turned for the better. “The unknown can be very compelling and can be interesting. Instead of thinking about it as change, think about it as dynamism,” she told HipHollywood during the screening of Dwyane Wade’s, Shot in the Dark. 

She explained, “You can’t stay the same, your life can’t stay the same. Staying the same is staying in place and staying in place is dying slowly. For me, I always reminded myself I’m not always going to feel this way, it’s not always going to be this tuff.”

“You cannot get through this experience on this planet without a little bit of pain and you need to know that and see that it’s temporary,” Aisha said. “My life is so interesting now and it wouldn’t have been without going through the stuff that I’ve been through. It’s been good for me; all this change.”

The actress is not only the star of some major network shows, but she also is about to launch her new cocktail line, Courage and Stone. “It’s been a really really exciting process,” she told us. “It really came out of my love of cocktails, my love of going to great bars and then going home and being like ‘I don’t know how to do all this.'”

Tyler then admitted that she was a whiskey girl at heart and that when she left the Talk “Julie Chen put me in a whiskey of the month club. She she’s doubled my collection in the last couple of months.”

Set to releae late spring early summer 2018.

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