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Kim Kardashian Slams Weight Reports: “No One Will Take This Away From Me!”



Kim Kardashian is slamming rumors that she had $80,000 in plastic surgery to shed her baby weight. The rumors started after the reality TV star appeared topless in her fiancé Kanye West’s “Bound 2” video this week, looking awfully slim for a woman who just popped out a baby this summer.

After seeing online reports suggesting she cheated to lose the weight by going under the knife, Kim took to Twitter to express her disdain with the gossip:

“I am very frustrated today seeing reports that I got surgery to lose my baby weight! This is FALSE. I worked so hard to train myself to eat right and healthy, I work out so hard and this was such a challenge for me but I did it!!!

I’m so proud of my accomplishment and NO ONE will take this away from me with fake reports! Say what you want about me but I work hard and am the most disciplined person you will ever meet!”

Do you all believe Kim K skipped the plastic surgery to lose weight? Or do you think she’s shedding the pound by working out and dieting?

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